GWSPP IS Deflationary token.

Golden WSPP is An Automated Liquidity Acquired Farm & AMM based PancakeSwap v2 on Binance Smart Chain with lots of unique and creative features that let you earn and win, It should be underlined that Golden WSPP cannot increase the total supply, this makes GWSPP scarce.

Basic Information

Transfer Tax

  • Burn Rate: 1% of transfer tax will be burned immediately

  • Automatic Liquidity Rate: 4% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked.

  • 4% Redistribution, reward for holders GWSPP.

  • Total Transfer Tax Rate: 9% of every transfer

Level of excellence

  • Anti Whale, from Max Wallet Balance (Wallet < 500 GWSPP)

  • Anti Bot and Dump, 15 seconds between each transaction per wallet also can't send multiple transaction in one block per wallet.

  • Anti Dump, Fee Multiplier after release only sell, also x2 in 24 hours after released and x1 after 24 hours after released.

  • Security, LP Burn 100% and Ownership Renounced

GWSPP's is a token that cannot increase the total supply, so it is very different from a typical token farm so that GWSPP is increasingly becoming a very rare Token.

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