How to Stake in Wolfi Pools

"The easiest way to get passive income"

Staking in Wolfi Pools lets you earn WSPP / GWSPP or other tokens while you sleep!

It's simpler than Meat to eat with Wolfible's Meats, because unlike the Meat to eat, you only need to stake one token to start earning: usually WSPP.

Getting started with Wolfi Pools staking

1. Go to the Pools page here.

2. Connect to your Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking the Connect button (top right-hand side).

3. Click Unlock Wallet.

4. For Staking WSPP you need to press the Stake button, Then choose how much % of the total balance to Staking.

Other Wolfi Pools let you stake your WSPP / GWSPP to earn dozens of other cool tokens. ( Coming soon ).

5. After the transaction is successful, you can view your data here.

6. Complete staking information can be found here.


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