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NFT Pools

"Use of NFT to get Free WSPP / GWSPP"

What are NFT Pools?

Every NFT issued by WSPP officially has the opportunity to join the Pools. This can be done both on the BSC network or Multichain, what needs to be underlined is where the advantages of the BSC network can get WSPP or GWSPP Rewards but not for other networks, namely only getting WSPP as Rewards tokens.
NFT Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens WSPP / GWSPP on Wolfible Platfrom. Stake NFT , earn free WSPP / GWSPP tokens . It’s really that easy.

NFT on Binance Smart Chain.

on the wolfible platform we provide NFT Pools products, where every NFT can be bet to get Rewards. Especially on the Binance Smart Chain Network, 2 rewards will be separated as explained below :
One way to get free WSPP tokens. one way to get free WSPP tokens. There are no requirements, all NFTs that holders have as long as they are official from the WSPP Official can be bet and get rewards.
One way to get free GWSPP tokens. Limited NFT given conditions by the core team from WSPP, Rewards are so fast that they require legendary NFT