Wolfi NFTs

Wolfible Collection is a collection of animated wolves as a symbol of WSPP NFT which can only be obtained by purchasing on the $WSPP receipt site

What is NFTs ?

At first glance, there is already a brief explanation of what NFT is in the opening section. But we'll go into more detail in this section. Without further ado, let's discuss what NFT is. So, NFT is an acronym for Non-fungible Token. The meaning of the Non-fungible token itself is 'no duplicates' or 'unbeatable', you could say, from the definition of NFT, this token is unique and cannot be replaced by anything else. As an example, we will take it from the way bitcoin transactions. If you exchange one bitcoin for another, you will get the same thing for the same value too. It's different with NFT, if you trade a Pokemon Squirtle trading card you will get a Honus Wagner baseball player card issued in 1909 with serial number T206. Which card is the prima donna of baseball cards.
Where you can get the WolfAngers & Wolfible Collection ?
You can get the Wolfible Collection only on the official Wolfible website in the form of a mystery box in the sense that you have to choose NFT on which network, because the WolfAngers & Wolfible Collection is traded on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Chain networks.
WolfAngers NFT
  1. 1.
    Binance Smart Chain :
    a. Name : WolfAngers ( WOFA )
    b. Token : ERC-721
    d. Website :​
    e. Marketplace : PancakeSwap & TopFun NFT​
Wolfable Collection
  1. 1.
    Polygon Chain :
    a. Name : Wolfable Collection ( WOFC )
    b. Token : ERC-721
    d. Website : e. Marketplace : f. All Collection : Wolfi NFTs​
The function of the Wolfible Collection is to reward loyal WSPP holders. In addition, the presence of these NFTs will be used to reduce the amount of WSPP supply in the market so that in the future the price of WSPP itself will rise rapidly.
Wolfible Factory